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~Rough*Accounting FOR Simple Accounting - for BUSINESS AND CORPORATE

We love what we do?

About us

Innovative ideas

With this unique idea in Accounting world we introduce such a simple way to write Accounting, we call it "Rough~Accounting" with Innovative way

Clean Accounting

Creating Financial records, reporting, analysis, and many other things clean and Fast with this Application "RA"

Unique Concept

Making thing simpler won't ignored by the user's but with this simplicity you will love to do some accounting

Hardworking Team

A few where make things in possiable way and we are the Few one unite for the making unique things, and we are keep working on it.

In the fastest growing organization world there is a need of some or some kind of outsourcing thing to know them better so we just explore and search for the things to improve the organization were lacking so we introduced some possible things to revolutionized the Accounting World and we have come with the "Rough~Accounting" and with it our "RA" will inform all other Accounting based application that why they a using for so long, we focus on the latest trends in Accounting make it more simpler without need of professional accountant that anyone can use this Application "Rough~Accounting"

Using simple Concept for Accounting

What we do?

Our Services

Simplified Accounts

Simplified Accounts means here that, We Push the Software to the Next level to get Accurate Results by following the basic rule fo Accounting

Fine Management Software

Introduce of fine Management Software to manage all the Term in the Accounting world with no need of any Professtional.

Announcing Unique Concept

Unique concept in the Accounting for simplfier the whole accounting Terms with a few clicks to get same results.

Understandable Dashboard

We Design the Dashboard in such a way that a comman user can make Entry and make all the Accounting fast.

Time Management Accounting System

With the Help of "RA" you can Manage your time because user interface make you help with what you need what in a correct flow.

No Need of Professtional Accountant

The purpose of building this application where that a comman user can do the work of a professtion accountant do with the same flow

Indian Based Accounting System

Understanding Indian standard Accounting Abbreviataion we implement it in your application for the National Users.

Online Based Accounting

Online Accounting help you with your work at next level that you can access your account anywhere anytime anyhow

Secured Accounting

It is secure and accurate in anyhow for your Accounts that you can do all your Accounting for the easy Accounting or Simple Accounting

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